Baby Born Surprise Pets 2 (One Supplied)

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Explore all the cuteness of BABY born Surprise Pets! These exciting bundles arrive hidden inside a precious swaddle. What’s inside? Nobody knows! Open up to meet your surprise fur baby! You might find an adorable deer, a cute kitten, or a playful puppy! With 18 assorted animal swaddles, it’s neverending fun (and a perfect way to learn more animal names!). But wait! There’s more to this furry babe than meets the eye. Put them in cold water and watch the magic happen! They change their fur colour, outfit, or even transform into a new animal entirely! Little ones can discover even more magical transformations when they collect the whole animal family! Each swaddle comes a super-cute key chain to attach to backpacks- so little ones can enjoy BABY born Surprise Pet magic wherever they are!
What will you discover inside?
Includes one baby animal and themed swaddle
18 BABY born Surprise Pets to collect
Collect them all!
Suitable for children aged 3+.