Baby Born Surprise - Blooming Babies (One Supplied)

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Unwrap BABY born Surprise, the cutest little bundle of joy and discover all new babies, swaddles, and colour change nappies in the new flower packaging! Each baby will reveal over 10 exciting surprises as you get to know them. Plus this series the babies are all wrapped up in the most magical themed swaddles. Untie the bow and remove the outer flower case to reveal a sparkly, pink pouch. Reach in to uncover which baby you've got. Each one is wrapped in an adorable soft, snuggly swaddle and can be taking a nap as a beautiful rose, fairy pony, dreamie genie, royal swan or many more! Wake your baby up and discover what eye colour they have by gently wiping the eyelids using a damp cloth. Then carefully open the swaddle to see the skin colour, hair colour and hair style. The baby's bottle colour tells you if it's a boy or a girl. Plus, feed your surprise baby with some water and watch as they wee in their nappies to reveal the colour change nappy pattern! The baby's legs and arms move so they can sit up or lie down. Includes a collector's guide with surprise games to help find baby's name, birthday, and favourite food. Also includes a birth certificate to fill out. 12 assorted dolls to collect. Suitable for children aged 3+. Includes 11cm doll, swaddle, nappy, bottle and birth certificate with baby games and overview of all the babies to collect.
Over 10 exciting surprises to discover
Open baby's eyes, feed with water & they wee
12 magical dolls to collect
Includes 11cm doll, swaddle, bottle, nappy
One supplied